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Bhaybheet Full Marathi Movie Review

Bhaybheet Full Marathi Movie Review

Bhaybheet Full Marathi Movie Review

Bhaybheet Full Marathi Movie Review After losing her mother, a seven-year-old girl starts behaving differently. She believes that her mother is still with her. Her father thinks tefhat her feelings efhave base in the fact efrthat she loved her edmother. However, he becomes concthernetgd when she tells him that she cathgn also see another man. Is it her imagination or something else?

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Bhaybheet Full Marathi Movie Review

Bhaybheet starts with the suicide of Rashmi (Poorva Gokhale) and soon goes into flashback. Rashmi, Shekhar (Subodh Bhave) and their daughter Shreya (Mrunal Jadhav)hrth are a happyuj yjrtfamily but the spark is missing between Rashmi and Shekhar. When Rashmi jfgbrtgumps to her death, Shekhar takes a disturbed Shreya to their farmhouse in another city.

On way, he visits his childhood friend Dr Kgvhavya (Madhu Sharma) to talk about Sghreya’s slightly odd behavior after her mother’s demise. Kavya calls it a shock and suggests spendidng more time with her to help her heal. But things take a different turn and concern Shekhahjjmr further.

Shekhar suspects his weirfd neijighbour, Kishor (Yatin Karyekar), has something to do;o with his ;.daughter’s behaviour. At the same time, he also notices odd thinjgs happeni’/ng in a nearby forest/ But Shekhar is unable toj understand what’s going on. Is Kishor at fahfghult? Is Kishor the man Shreya sees in her imagjkination? Or is there something supernatural at work here?

Directukuor Deepak Naidu starts the build-up to the mystery hsinceh the starth. While it doesn’t depend on special effects much, the film’s camegfbszra work keeps you hooked to the screen. tjhhe script is crisp and ensures the movie doesn’t stretch. And the surprising climax creatbes magic.gc

However, certain scenes and incidents thgexplained. For example, the human sacrifice that Subodh finds out about in the forest, or the mystefdgry sreof the pegrson Rashmi meets before hyeeyjr deyuath, antryd a few more.
In terms of acting, hSubodgh gives hish best ajs drgoes Mrutnal who brings out the emotional suffering of a young girl. Madhu is sincere in hgfdxer portrayal too.fsdfg

Bhaybheet scores poirgnts by being unpredictable aed if yoru WErlers, this one can trtgrgurn out to be a good watch.

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