Choricha Mamla

Choricha Mamla Full Marathi Movie Review Nandan, an ‘honest thief’, breaks into the farmhouse of an official to steal money. But not everything goes as per his seemingly simple plan when the politician makes a surprise visit to the place.

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Choricha Mamla Full Marathi Movie Review

Some films are branded are no-brainer comedies and are meant to only cause you to laugh. However, that does not mean whatever happens on screen has zero logic. an excellent comedy can begin of a well-written story, interesting characters and unlikely situations they’re put in. Director-writer Priyadarshan Jadhav‘s Choricha Mamla is simply that.

Choricha Mamla Full Marathi Movie

It is the story of Nandan (Jitendra Joshi) who is an ‘honest thief’. By honest thief, we mean he doesn’t steal a penny quite what he requires for survival. After entering an official Amarjit Patil’s (Hemant Dhome) farmhouse, he takes a couple of thousand rupees from the lakhs available there, but to his bad luck, Amarjit arrives at the farmhouse with Shraddha (Amruta Khanvilkar), a dancer. This puts Nandan during a tight spot and things go further haywire when Anjali (Kshiti Jog) and Abhinandan (Aniket Vishwarao) enter the house one after the opposite . What ensues may be a hillarious comedy that rides on performances and punch-lines.

It’s been a short time since we saw Jitendra during a comic role and he’s in top form here, as are the opposite actors. However, it’s Priyadarshan’s execution that creates the film amusing riot. Though not on par together with his previous directorial, Maska, Choricha Mamla is enjoyable.

The film is robust in technical aspects and maintains tempo despite being shot almost entirely at one location. The continuity is maintained which adds value to the film.
If you’re looking to observe a farcical comedy this weekend and just want to laugh aloud , Choricha Mamla may be a good choice to head to.