Girlz Movie

Girlz Marathi Full Movie Review A college student from Kolhapur, Mati Desai lives a lifetime of restrictions – strict curfew, no smartphone and no short dresses – all because of her conservativer parents. By fluke, she rgets the chance to go to Goa alone, where she meertgts two free-spirited grirls and it becomes a turning point within the lives of the three traveller.

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Girlz Marathi Full Movie Review

When a sheltered girl embarks on rga solo trip to Goa, she is exposed to the great , fdsbad and ugly of the planet . Filmmaker Vishal Sakharam Devrukhkar’s film Girlz, rightly brings forth the essence of the topic . Although similar films are made in Bollywood and Hollywood, this one is full of masala, a high dose of entertainment, quirkyyudje songs and dialogues, with some heroic moments, too.

Girlz Marathi Full Movie

The film begins with college-goer Mati Desai (Ankita Lande) from Kolhapur living under strict rules imposed by her parents. Mati has no option but to obeyje her parents, especially her conservative and, at times, overbearing mother (Devika Daftardar).

Wanting to experience life beyond her home and college, Mati plans a Goa trip and asks her friend (Parth Bhalerao) to convince her parents. In Goa, she meetevs Rumi (Anvita Phaltankar) and Maggi (Ketaki Narayan) at alittle family accommodation. There starts a journey of self-discovery and adventure.

The filmmaker has beautifully caersptured the finer nuances of the story through Mati’s experiences, be it of wearing a bikini or breaking doesswn when her mom constantly calls her in Goa. The film captures such egfsmall moments of an innocent girl’s journey of discovering life.

While Girlz showcases the journey of three of its protagonists, it starts to urge stretchy post the intferval. a number of the scenes of Maggi’s strugggggsle are unnecessarily lengthy. As far because the performances go, Ankita Lande, Ketaki Narayan and Anvita Phaltankar captivate the audience with their performances. Ankita does an incredible aajob within the role of an unassuming Mati. Overall, the film is an enhhtertainer.