Ishq Ke Parindey Movie Review Cast

Ishq Ke Parindey Movie

Ishq Ke Parindey Movie

Ishq Ke Parindey Movie Review Cast Watch Online  Based in Lucknow, Ishq Ke Parindey is a run-of-the-mill love story that owes somewhat to its innocence and old-fashioned romance. Despite being extremely formulaic and predictable, the film turns out to be a happy watch due to its promising lead pairing. Newcomers Rishi Verma and Priyanka Mehta fit their roles perfectly and have a bright future ahead. It is their chemistry and fine performances that give novelty to an exceptionally traditional plot.

Coming back to the story, the couple’s relationship breaks down after some of Sheen’s goons kill a man in a restaurant. She soon learns that they are the henchmen of Faiz’s brother. After losing half of her family to gang wars, she decides to distance herself from Faiz as a way of condemning the violence. Faiz tries to convince her that he is not like his brother. Can the two forget their differences and be together?

Movie Review / Story

While the lead actors are decent, the supporting actors are far from glory – especially the villains. In addition, the climax seems very simple and abrupt compared to the steady build. While the cinematography and dialogue are fine, the production values ​​act as a deterrent. It’s a doomsday hangover. If you don’t mind traditional love stories and don’t find them outdated, you can check out this one.

Ishq Ke Parindey

It is love at first sight for Lucknow boy Faiz (Rishi Verma), an aspiring lawyer, who is attracted to Karachi girl Sheen (Priyanka Mehta) for her inner and outer beauty. Sheen also falls in love with Faiz but their relationship strains when Sheen learns that Faiz’s brother is the culprit.

Movie Cast & Crew

  • Rishi Verma as Faiz
  • Priyanka Mehta as Sheen
  • Manjul Azad as Kadir Bhai
  • Abid Yunus Khan as Chotey
  • Pran Dawas as Chhoroo
  • Munisha Roy as Gazala

Directed by
Shakir Khan

Written by
Riturraj Tripathii, Rajeev Arora, Shakir Khan,

The feeling of drowning began when the title appeared on grainy images of drowning pigeons. This pigeon catastrophe (instigated by a stone-throwing assistant) is repeated fifty times later in various contexts and frame rates, most of which depict the lovers-protest and the India-Pakistan conflict. For once, Hindus are singled out: it is a sacred love story between Indian Muslim Faiz (Verma) and Pakistani Muslim Sheen (Mehta; fake eyelashes).

When he can’t find her, he types ‘Karachi women’ into a search engine, but ‘feeling lonely?’ Don’t get bombarded with porn popups. Then he uses blank calls, kite flying and pigeons in descending order of retro communication before texting destroys the romance forever. They meet in the canteen, with exactly two samosas on each plate, with bright sandwich pictures on the clean walls.

She says something about Pakistani eyes attacking Indian hearts. She runs like slow speed is no option, leaping into the air with the agility of a dancing peacock. Their union is not an easy one as their family roots are questionable. When things go downhill, the usual ‘Maula Moula’ song appears.

His saga is so old that I could have sworn I had seen the Berlin Wall amidst Mughal architecture. The picks of hooligans hockey sticks and fake punches only reiterate the ancient era, when hockey was a credible Indian sport. Sneaky villains, mostly Urdu-speaking caricatures, step onto the camera lens to display top status.

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