Runaway Lugaai Web Series All Episode Review

Runaway Lugaai Web Series All Episode Review

Runaway Lugaai Web Series All Episode Review

The same is often said about Runway Lugaai and this writer’s experience of watching the primary three episodes. What appears pleasant on the surface is dull and malleable. Although the manufacturers call it a comedy-drama, it becomes difficult to seek out an honest reason to laugh. I even have told below what it costs me.

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Episode 1

Runaway Lugaai Web Series Episode 1

Rajinikanth alias Rajni, son of a newly designated District Court judge of Bhagalpur and MLA Narendra Sinha gained popularity for announcing the decision during a hearing. Narendra, struggling to urge an election ticket from Patna, takes advantage of his son’s position to shut the corrupt and criminal cases of his party. Rajni’s only saving is his newlywed wife, Bulbul – a free-spirited adventurer who stays far away from him at her in-laws’ house. Bulbul seduces Rajni together with her shoddy pictures that she had taken at an area photo studio. Running from quite one Rajini Latinized States Area. Will happen. Will happen. Will happen. Will happen. One may be a call and one is final. In court, there’s a multitude about Rajini’s security regarding the battery. Proceed to try to that wife Bulbul get out of the house.

Episode 2

Runaway Lugaai Web Series Episode 2

Rajni remembers her night. He walks around his room, in search of his bride. The bride is missing. His hopes skyrocket when he reads the invitation in his bathroom mirror. Bulbul invites Rajni to the terrace to smoke a joint. Newbie Rajini learns the art of smoking. The couple, high on marijuana, share a conversation and return to space. they’re close to getting intimate, that Narendra knocks on the door. He informs Rajni to travel to Bhagalpur early in the morning. The untimely arrival of his father and therefore the memory of his new job prompt Rajni to responsible her father for the escape of his wife (Bulbul). He accused Narendra of prioritizing himself and his political career. Narendra informally hires Shakti, a policeman, to seek out his daughter-in-law. On the contrary, Bulbul’s mother informs her husband of his escape. Bulbul’s father, Dasharatha, is calm because the ocean receives a call. who could it be?

Episode 3

Runaway Lugaai Web Series Episode 3

Dasaratha reminded Narendra of the time when he had warned him about Bulbul’s evilness. it had been then that Sinha visited Dasharatha’s house to think about Koyal (Dasaratha’s elder daughter) as an opportunity of marriage for Rajni. Rajni misinterpreted Bulbul as a cuckoo. The relations instead plan to provides a chance to Rajni and Bulbul. When asked about his goals, Bulbul declared independence as his goal. Rajni gets interested in a nostalgic and adventurous Bulbul. Present-day, policeman Shakti has started the search. He appoints three police constables to hold out this task. The constable taps into Bulbul’s Facebook chat. Shakti is showered with a plethora of printouts of Bulbul’s coquettish chat. Among others, a talk stands out foremost. Shakti informs MLA Narendra Singh that Bulbul has run away with the username “Justin Bieber”.

Episode 4

Runaway Lugaai Web Series Episode 4

Distraught and devastated, Rajni isolates herself in her room crammed with prints of Bulbul’s Facebook chat. In a chat, Justin challenges Bulbul to ask his would-be groom to return to the marriage during a chariot driven by seven white horses. As Rajni recalls, each day before her wedding, Bulbul molested Rajni to urge an equivalent chariot, alternatively she would annul the wedding. Rajini submits this demand to her legislator father, who reciprocally secretly obtains seven horses in white so as to preserve his prestige and dignity. The procession comes with a bang. because the baraatis dance and luxuriate into the tune of the band, the white color is washed off the horses by the arrival of rain. Bulbul feels cheated. Rajni’s Shraddha is broken by her father who involves the space to console her. However, a call from the CM changes the air of the space. Narendra, once consoled, now orders his son to resume his job. Failure to try to do so would be a threat to his party’s ticket.

Episode 5

Runaway Lugaai Web Series Episode 5

Rajni started working within the district court of Bhagalpur. In her initial case, a helpless wife demanded fifty thousand rupees that she gave as a dowry to her husband’s family. Rajni goes back to the horrific incident on her day when Bulbul refuses to marry her. On the marriage day, Rajni asks her father to apologize to the bride. She is furious at her son’s audacity to form such an invitation. Rajni walks into the bride’s room to a hot-tempered Bulbul who asks her to go away. Rajini pleads. Bulbul asks for 50 thousand cash if Rajni wants to marry him. Desperate Rajni leaves to gather the cash. Shouting at the highest of their lungs, two lawyers bring Rajni back to the courtroom. He ruled in favor of his wife. At his residence in Bhagalpur, he’s sitting in despair after drinking alcohol together with his colleague Mishra. Mishra Ji suggests Rajni observe their wedding video to seek out Justin Bieber. Following Mishra’s advice, Rajni finds a person whose face is hidden by an enormous red teddy.

Episode 6

Runaway Lugaai Web Series Episode 6

Rajni goes to her in-laws’ house to seem at the marriage photo album to seek out Teddy Manav. He takes important pictures and sees the red teddy with the card in Bulbul’s room. The note within the card assures Bulbul that his father-in-law won’t be in any trouble. Dasharatha is troubled by Rajini’s intrusion. Narendra, on the opposite hand, was informed by senior leaders of his party about Rajini’s absence at work. To pave his way for the upcoming elections, Narendra is forced to return to his old, long-forgotten profession. He dresses up as a female dancer to appease the foreign relations of his party leaders. he’s caught within the hotel by Rajni dancing for the foreigners. Rajni tries to offer the note on the card to her father but is ignored. He decides to require it from the policeman Shakti. Shakti asks her to form an inventory of all the lads whom she suspects to be her father’s enemies. Dasaratha, on the opposite hand, collects a man’s documents and takes them to a secluded place to line it ablaze.

Episode 7

Runaway Lugaai Web Series Episode 7

Rakesh, the person whose photographs and documents were assailed fire by Dasharatha, is standing ahead of him during a secret house of his. Rakesh aka Justin Bieber, asks him handy over some legal documents. Rajni and Shakti are working with their fingers to seek out clues. Shakti goes to the local toy shop and retrieves an old challan from the cash booklet. Junior constables determine Justin Bieber’s real name through the cyber cafe owner. The name “Rakesh” goes under his radar. A rude call by Narendra’s secretary puts Shakti under immense pressure. The three constables plan to take matters into their own hands. one among them makes Bulbul’s picture viral by sharing it with the missing department of the state police headquarters. Within minutes the media gathers outside Narendra Sinha’s house. Narendra has been warned by his party leaders. he’s asked to require action to wash up the mess made by his son. Rajni’s credibility is at stake within the court. Shakti instructs the constables to seek out Rakesh and Bulbul at the earliest.

Episode 8

Runaway Lugaai Web Series Episode 8

To fight the media backlash, Narendra sends his housekeeper disguised as a bulbul. He asks her to stay on the veil and obtain a tattoo done on her waist to fool the journalists. Amidst the commotion, Shakti reaches Sinha’s house and shows Rakesh’s sketch. Rajni and Narendra immediately identify with Rakesh, though for various reasons. Rajni told that she had seen Rakesh at a paan shop. Narendra, not so comfortable facing the reality, informs the policeman that he has been blackmailed by Rakesh for indulging in sexual activities with random women. Shakti has enough material to urge to rock the bottom of the investigation. The police are interrogating Rakesh’s mother. Party volunteers are able to trace Rakesh’s location. Rakesh involves realizing this search from his sources. He redirects Rajni and Shakti to a false location. this is often the place near Dasharatha’s old house. Dasharatha has been examined and kept under observation. Shakti then goes to the pawnshop to seek out out that Rakesh goes to an equivalent photo studio where Bulbul had taken his pictures. Shakti follows Dasharatha. He finds her delivering some documents to an anonymous person during a secluded place. He orders his juniors to tap Dasharatha’s phone.

Episode 9

Runaway Lugaai Web Series Episode 9

Rakesh reaches Narendra’s house to finish the search. Unable to seek out Bulbul’s location, Rajni loses her cool and gets into an argument with Rakesh. Rakesh takes advantage of the victim by playing the cardboard and asking a lover to record the whole incident. The video goes viral. Rajini’s crazy side and therefore the wide reach of the video land MLA Narendra Sinha in trouble. he’s forced to send his son to the lockup. Shakti is investigating the matter. He tells Rajni that he has kept Dasharatha under observation. Rajni believes that Rakesh is that the culprit. Through tapped phone calls, Shakti learns that something big is close to happening the subsequent day. With little time in hand, Shakti runs out and searches for a clue on the side of the highway. He unlocks Rajni and takes her to the highway. Rajni is stunned to ascertain a life-size banner of Bhojpuri production launching Bulbul because of the heroine.

Episode 10

Runaway Lugaai Web Series Episode 10

Bulbul is shooting for her next Bhojpuri film with Ravi Kishan. Rajni reaches the shoot location and insists on lecture Bulbul. Bulbul, now Bijli, pretends to not know her in the least. An enraged Rajini uses his father’s political power to prevent the shooting. When Ravi Kishan threatened Narendra Sinha that he would call the CM if the shooting was disrupted. Everything is lost for Rajni. Rajni leaves the set. Rakesh meets Bulbul within the Green Room. He appreciates her for enjoying her cards well. Bulbul takes pleasure in showing Rajni her space to inquire and inquire about her choices and decisions. Rakesh asks her to marry him. Rakesh is ruthlessly humiliated and rejected by Bulbul. Rakesh is heartbroken. On a video call, Rajni threatens everyone to kill unless Bulbul plans to return back. Everyone, unwillingly responsible for Rajini’s death, tries to convince Bulbul. For this, he holds everyone responsible. Bulbul doesn’t react and her silence is taken as her consent, yet. Bulbul ran away again.

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